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capture. collate. control.

Akeman Solutions

What we do

Akeman designs, builds and markets simple, scalable data capture solutions that allow businesses to unlock value, save costs and bring visibility to core operational processes.

Akeman Solutions

Who we do it for

Akeman help businesses replace retail food safety and health and safety paper compliance with simple to use, real time digital transformation solutions that unlock value, improve efficiency and give control.

  • Food Retail
  • Food to Go
  • Hospitality
Akeman Solutions

How we do it


definition: easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.
Akeman: If it is easy to use, it will be used!


definition: present, appearing, or found everywhere.
Akeman: All phones, tablets and computers.


definition: producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities.
Akeman: Why would you do it otherwise?


definition: An award winning, simple to use Food Retail Food Safety and Health & Safety Solution that improves visibility, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Akeman: If only we knew what we already know.

Find out more at www.hygieneat.com

One Issue

definition: A simple, user friendly, multilingual issue management solution designed to allow all your customers and colleagues to raise issues from their mobile phones.
Akeman: Makes life simpler.

One Issue makes life simpler

A passion for issues

Empower your people to raise issues

From the minute your customers or colleagues raise an issue, they can monitor its progress allowing them to relax as they understand that the issue is being dealt with in a timely manner.

Simple to use, manage and configure

Every one of your customers and colleagues will be able to raise One Issue within seconds of logging on, minimising training requirements and improving the time to resolution.

Multi-site, multi-departmental, connected out of the box

A thin layer over your business, One Issue provides an up to the minute end-to-end comprehensive view of your current issues across all sites, departments and contractors.

Saves time and money!

You have the location, issue, description and photograph of an issue as you start it, easy sharing by department, individual or contractor, reporting across all, and fast configuration and management all help speed time to resolution and reduce repeat visits.

Find out more at www.one-issue.com

Akeman Solutions

About Us

Tim Butler
Tim Butler

Simplification Specialist.
25 years digital experience in internet,intranet, extranet, digital signage and mobile.

Andy Hogg
Andy Hogg

Engineering and Business specialist
30 years’ experience solving OEM and supplier problems.

Akeman Solutions